Making a difference….

Raise at least £5,000 in a year: I don’t just want this list to be about me. I want to give something back so this had to be number 1. I really wanted to go for £50,000 but my friends tell me to be more realistic so I’m going for £100 for every year of my life. Need to choose a charity – all ideas welcome

Send a book around the World: Maybe it won’t make it all the way around the world but I’m going to send at least one of my favourite books off on a journey and see how far it gets in a year. If you find please read it then leave it somewhere for others to enjoy.

Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen: I can’t imagine not having enough to eat or drink and it must be even worse at Christmas so this year I’m going to help out in a Soup Kitchen and see if I can give something back.

Pay for a strangers coffee, tea, drink or lunch: This is very much an American idea but I thought it was such a nice idea that I’d pinch it.  I don’t know when I’m going to do this.  I’m not going to plan it.  I’m just going to be spontaneous when I spot someone who looks like they might be having a bit of a hard day and do it.  Hopefully it will be a smile on someone’s face.

Do the Boxing Day Dip: I always said I’d never do this but what better way to blow the Christmas cobwebs away and to raise some of that £5,000 for charity. All ideas for keeping warm will be gratefully received

Break a Guinness World Record: Now this will be a hard one.  I don’t know what it’s going to be but I’m sure I can find something.  Suggestions anyone?

Forgive, forget and move on: My son tells me this is impossible because although you can forgive and move on you don’t actually forget so maybe I should say ‘forgive, put it behind me and move on’.  This is going to be a tough one because it will involve talking about things I’d rather not think about with people I don’t always see eye to eye with but honesty is good for the soul.

Perform a kind deed at least once a week without being asked: If I can make someone’s life easier or make them smile then not only will it help them but it will make me feel good as well.

Become a mentor to someone: This isn’t about telling people what to do but being there for them when they just need someone to talk to.  I’ve needed that kind of support in the past and getting it made such a difference so if I can do the same for someone then I will.

Volunteer in a hospice or hospital: Because nobody deserves to be alone when they are ill.  I’m not a qualified nurse or carer but I’m sure they’ll be able to find something for me to do.

Send a message in a bottle to make friends with a stranger: Everyone’s a stranger until they become friends and you can never have too many friends

Donate the free item to the food bank when buying 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 offers: We shouldn’t have to have food banks in the 21st Century but we do and this is a good way of helping make sure they have food to give out.

Complete a year long photo challenge: You can’t spend a year doing 50 things and not take some photos.  So every day I’m going to take a photo of something different so I don’t every forget my fiftieth year on earth.

Take a conflict resolution course: Well if I’m going to change the world, even just a little bit. I’m going to need some help in keeping calm.

Make a memory book of my life for my Grandchildren: Because they are the apples of my eye and I want them to share in every part of my life so they now how much I love them.

Become an organ donor: Because life is for the living.

Learn CPR: Because one day I might just need to use it and I would rather be prepared

Write a will: So no one can argue over who should get what.

Learn to meditate: Because I think I might need to relax after walking on fire, swimming with sharks and zip wiring off the Tyne Bridge or maybe even before I start

Learn the Heimlich Manoeuvre: It could save a life and should be taught in schools.


3 thoughts on “Making a difference….

  1. Lori Ashbridge

    Hi Angela,
    Concerning the World Record, I think it would be cool to arrange something for disabled people…like the most disabled people to make scrambled eggs or something like that; of course it would have to be researched but it would be cool.


    • Thanks Lori, I definitely think something with disabled people would be good. I need to do a bit of research into what records there are that we could break.


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