October 2015

31 October 2015

Halloween means a visit from the real life Spider Man and his son the Zombie (otherwise known as Monster Munch)

30 October 2015

I got new glasses today and found the old sunglasses I’d been looking for so I’ll be able to see again no matter what – turns out I was wrong

29 October 2015

Super gluing my sunglasses isn’t working anymore – they fall apart at the most inconvenient times

2015-10-30 16.19.28

28 October 2015

Miss-chief’s birthday celebration at Bravi – where else would a princess go for her birthday

27 October 2015

Half term and Miss-chief’s birthday week must be time to play – Splat Centre here we come

26 October 2015

Day 3 of National Disabled Members Conference

The debate gets heated before we say goodbye to Manchester and head home

25 October 2015

Day 2 of National Disabled Members Conference

Conference gets underway and it’s time to put the world to rights.  As Chair I moved the annual report and told conference that 20 years after the Disability Discrimination Act became law there is no discrimination – yes I was joking

And with the drink flowing at the social we raised well over £1,000 for charity – unfortunately it doesn’t count towards my £5,000 total

24 October 2015

Day 1 of National Disabled Members Conference

Workshop on media demonization of disabled people followed by the Northern Region meeting

23 October 2015

My lovely friend Cath, just after arriving in Manchester for UNISON’s National Disabled Member’s Conference

2015-10-09 18.50.13








22 October 2015

Only took me six months but I finally finished Miss-chief’s ‘summer’ cardigan

21 October 2015

Sunshine in Trafalgar Square – not what I expected on an October evening in London

20 October 2015

I love visiting South Africa House – the art is amazing

Hopefully I’ll make it to South Africa one day soon – because if I don’t I won’t complete all 50 challenges

19 October 2015

Time for new glasses and I wondered why everything was hazy

2015-10-30 16.16.52




18 October 2015

And as much again that needs to be sorted in Monster Munch’s room

17 October 2015

There’s still so much to do.  This is just Miss-chief’s room

16 October 2015

More Sylvanians – this time the Bakers

15 October 2015

The Village Store is the best place for fresh fruit and veg

14 October 2015

Living above the shop can have its advantages

13 October 2015

After a hard day at school what could be better than a trip to Story Book

12 October 2015

The Sylvanian Market still needs a bit of stock on the shelves

11 October 2015

Oakwood Manor – which Sylvanian family lives in a house like this?

10 October 2015

Just time for a quick bite with Hilary before it’s time to go

2015-10-09 13.19.13

9 October 2015

NDMC paying tribute to friend and colleague, June Poole, by raising a glass or two in her memory, in just the way she would have wanted

8 October 2015

UNISON National Disabled Members Committee (NDMC) meeting in Stevenage

Craig's happy to be here but no one else has arrived yet

Craig’s happy to be here but no one else has arrived yet

7 October 2015

Visiting Joel at uni

6 October 2015

Sylvanian furniture and clothes all needs to be sorted

5 October 2015

Last Christmas I bought my Grandchildren lots and lots of Sylvanian Family toys.  So many that we’re still trying to sort them all out so now and again I’ll be post some photos to show how we’re getting on

A few of the Sylvanian Families. Rabbits, foxes, cats and so many more

A few of the Sylvanian Families. Rabbits, foxes, cats and so many more

4 October 2015

Archie is an inspiration to my youngest son Joel, who is studying politics at Hull University

3 October 2015

Archie Sibeko is a living legend, a freedom fighter and a true gentleman

I’m proud to call both Archie and his amazing wife Joyce Leeson my friends

2 October 2015

Bloodhound Super Sonic Car

2015-10-01 11.22.17

Will this be the car to top 1,000 miles an hour?

1 October 2015

South Africa Trade Seminar and Celebration Dinner

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