I always wanted to…

Write a book: They say everyone has one book in them so I thought it was time I tried to get mine out of me.  I don’t expect it to be published (at least not by a publisher) but if I put it online I’m sure at least one person will read it (probably my sister).

Learn another language: I work in International Relations yet I only speak English and Geordie (it can be useful in some Scandinavian countries) so I thought it was about time I learned another one. I did French and German at school but only managed to learn to count and swear so I’m going to go for Spanish.  I don’t expect to be fluent but at least be able to have a basic conversation.

Swim with sharks: I know it’s crazy but you only live once and what could be more exciting than looking a Great White in the eye. Anyone want to join me?

See the Northern Lights: What can I say except it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

Own an otter: One of my favourite books when I was a child was Ring of Bright Water.  I wanted to be like Gavin Maxwell and have a pet otter.  Strangely enough, as we lived in a Terraced House in South Shields, my Mam said no and I sulked for months.  Now I’m older I realise this isn’t a good idea so I’m going to Adopt an Otter and pay for it’s upkeep,  It will then belong to me as much as any wild animal can belong to a person.  Adopting is the best way to ‘own’ an otter

Go on safari and see the Big 5: This is my personal biggie.  Not shooting or hunting just seeing the most amazing animals in their natural habitat.  Nothing could be more amazing

Visit Stonehenge: The closest thing we have to a ‘wonder of the world’ in the UK.  It’s something I’ve always thought about doing and now is the time to do it.

Start my own business: I’ve talked about doing this for so long it’s time to get on and do it.  I work full time and can’t afford to give up so I’ll have to do it in my spare time but if I don’t try now I never will.

Lose 2 stone in a year: I’ve managed a stone and half before but put it back on.  My health is suffering and I really need to do this before it’s to late.  Anyone want to sponsor me?

Be in the audience of a TV show: Because it just looks like fun.  My son suggested I should go for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway but Question Time might be more up my street.

Go to Ladies Day at the races: Any excuse to buy a new dress, shoes and hat and get dressed up for a day out.

Be a TV or Movie extra: As a kid I wanted to be an actress but I’ve only ever been on the news (for work and UNISON) but this would be a bit closer to my childhood dream.

Visit Robben Island: Nelson Mandela was my idol.  A man who not only fought for what he believed in but who forgave those who did him wrong.  To be just 1% of the person he was would be to be an amazing person.  I always wanted to meet him but now that can’t happen I want to pay my respects in the place he was held captive for so long.  True hero’s live forever and Mandela certainly will.

Spend a day in the Houses of Parliament: When I was young I wanted to be Prime Minister (yes, I was a strange child).  Anyway I got over that but I still love politics so spending a day in the Houses of Parliament will be a fantastic experience.  I’ll just have to learn how to keep quiet else I’ll be thrown out.

Take a ferry across the Mersey: Cilla Black died while I was putting this list together and it reminded me of the fantastic music of the 60’s so this seemed like the perfect idea for this list.

Drive a Ferrari: My dream car is Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet but I always wanted to drive a Ferrari round a racing track.  And it will really annoy my youngest son

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