Money pours in at Street Party in the rain

You can’t guarantee the sun will shine in South Shields – and especially not in the summer.  So holding a Street Party in June was always going to be a bit risky.  And of course it rained.

But it takes more than a bit of water to dampen a Sanddancer’s spirits and when I woke up yesterday morning there was more than just a bit of water.  In fact there was so much rain that more than one person asked if the Street Party was cancelled – like that was ever going to happen.

Of course it wasn’t cancelled.  Apart from anything else it was all in support of the Charlie Cookson Foundation and you should never let a charity down.  All I needed was a couple of gazebo’s (to keep the food dry) and we were good to go.

I would really like to share some photos of my son Joel trying to put them up but unfortunately I was too busy to take any.  But suffice to say he went down the route of not following the instructions (again!!!) so it took a bit longer than it should of done – but in the end he did an amazing job.

There was plenty of hot dogs, chilli, crisps, cake and ice cream for everyone, though some ate more than others

Hot dogs

The Brass Band were amazing

Band compressed

South Shields MP Emma Lewell-Buck opened the event, the press turned up, rhe kids loved the face painting and games while the adults got quite competitive over the tombola and raffle.  And as for me.  Well I had some fun as well…………….

Bounce time

All in all the day was a great success and we raised a grand total of


An amazing £467 in just one afternoon.  And there may still be a bit more to add.

So a huge thank you to everyone who helped, took part, attended and of course donated.

And it’s not too late. I’m still accepting donations so if you want to add to the total raised you can add your support at or by texting FIFB50 followed by the amount you want to donate to 70070

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Guess the name – before it’s too late

A couple of weeks ago I launched a competition to win this cute bunny and raise funds for the Charlie Cookson Foundation


Now I haven’t really been very good at promoting it so I thought I’d give people a last chance to enter.

Click here and follow the instructions to choose your name before Wednesday 11 April.

Remember – You’ve got to be in it to win it

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And the Winner is…….

Thank you to everyone who supported the Charlie Cookson Foundation by taking part in the competition to win Mambo Wine and Dine vouchers.  Some of the answers to how many pairs of shoes I own made me laugh.  I’m not sure where I would manage to keep 163 pairs of shoes which was the highest answer.  And I can hardly believe my own sister thought I would only have 40 pairs – I sometimes wonder if she knows me at all.

To be honest I didn’t even know how many pairs I had.  I knew that in April after a big clean out I had 66 pairs but I knew I’d thrown some away since then but I’ve also bought a couple of pairs so I had to count them.

So I emptied all the shoe racks in my wardrobe, hunted through the house to make sure I hadn’t missed any and even found one pair in the back garden (I wear them when I’m cutting the grass) and laid them all out in pairs on the living room floor.  I took some photos to post here.

Shoes crop 2

Shoes pink purple

Shoes black and purple        Shoes blue and yellow

Then I counted them.  And counted them again.  And because I was still in shock I counted them for a third time. But the answer was always the same.  I only have 54 pairs of shoes. I was sure that couldn’t be right, I was sure I must have had getting on for 100 pairs by now but no just 54 all of which are in the photo below.

Shoes 1

So now I just needed a winner.  I looked at all the guesses and apart from my sister’s guess of 40 every single guess was more than I have but there was one that was quite close.

So the winner is………

Sophie Mills – with a guess of 58 pairs of shoes.  Congratulations Sophie but your guess won’t be the closest for long because tomorrow I’m going shopping for some new shoes

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