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Challenge #14 – lose 2 stone in a year

Losing two stone in a year can’t be that hard.  Can it?  It can when you spent the first 24 weeks not even trying.  So what was supposed to be losing 2 stone in a year is now losing 2 stone in 28 weeks.  Still, it’s only a pound a week so surely I’ve got to be able to do it.

First Step

Every challenge starts with a single step.  But for this challenge that first step was truly scary.  Because that first step is getting on the scales and finding out just how much I weigh.  This morning it was time to take that first step – and it was so much worse than I thought.

There I was stood in the bathroom, looking at the scales and thinking it can’t be that bad can it.  I know I’ve put on a bit of weight over the years but I lost nearly two stone a couple of years back.  Surely I can’t have put it all back on?  But at the back of my head I know I probably have.  So after a few minutes of silently praying I took that step and got on the scales.  And all I can say is ……………………

It’s even worse than I thought – and here’s the picture to prove it

This is my starting point 13 stone 12 pounds.  It doesn’t sound so bad if you say it quickly.  Actually who am I trying to kid.  Yes it does.  Of course it’s bad! Really bad!!  Embarrassingly bad!!! So now’s the time to start to put things right.

No matter how hard it is I am going to do this because………………

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose

Weekly weigh-ins

Check out my progress at the links below:

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Week 13:

Week 12: 1 pound gained

Week 11: 1 pound lost

Week 10: 3 lost

Week 9: 2 pound gained

Week 8: 3 pound lost

Week 7: Stayed the same

Week 6: 3 pound lost

Week 5: 3 pound lost

Week 4: 1 pound gained

Week 3: 2 pound lost

Week 2: 3 pound lost

Week 1: 5 pound lost

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