Challenge # 1 – Raising £5,000 for Charity

When I first thought about doing this I didn’t want it to be just about me.  I wanted to make a difference to other people’s lives and many of the challenges on my list will do that in a small way.  For example donating the free items in 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 deals to a food bank will help someone who is struggling financially.  But I also wanted to do something a bit more significant.  Something that could make a real difference to someone or even more than one person.  So after a bit of thought I decided that the top challenge on my list would be to raise £5,000 for charity in one year.  A £100 for each year of my life or an average of just under £100 a week for a year.

I wanted raise £50,000 but my friends told me I had to be realistic – I’d love to prove them wrong

I’ll be raising funds for……….

I will be doing lots of different things to raise money over the year and most of the money will go to My Chosen Charity the Charlie Cookson Foundation.

Sometimes I will take part in or organise events that are raising funds for other charities.  Although I will count this in my £5,000 total I won’t be creating a separate page for each of them.  Instead I’ll write about my efforts here and total everything up at the end of the year.

Education = Equality = Democracy

Tyume Valley Schools (TVS) is a UK-based charity with a vision of improving the lives of children living in the Tyume Valley area of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.  They work with local schools to improve teaching and learning and open doors to future opportunities. More than twenty years since the end of apartheid, the legacy lives on in the form of badly maintained schools, lack of resources, poorly trained teachers and low educational achievement. This disadvantage is increased by the high unemployment and poor infrastructure in the rural Tyume Valley, which is about 120 km from the nearest airport in East London and 60km from King Williams Town, the nearest large town.

The project is supported by a dear friend of mine, Archie Sibeko, who not only comes from Tyume Valley but spent a year in jail with Nelson Mandela.  You can find out how I raised £550 for TVS here.

Tyume Valley Schools Study Camp

Tyume Valley Schools Study Camp



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