August 2015

31 August 2015

A day at the soft play with Miss-chief and Monster Munch – no photos allowed inside

2015-08-31 14.20.37-1 2015-08-31 14.20.36-1 2015-08-31 14.20.35 2015-08-31 14.20.26 2015-08-31 14.19.58 2015-08-31 14.19.25 2015-08-31 14.19.23 2015-08-31 14.19.11 2015-08-31 14.19.10

30 August 2015

Joe and the kids – nothing more interesting than a phone

2015-08-29 17.58.30

29 August 2015

Second birthday for my great-niece – how quickly time passes

2015-08-29 17.49.22 2015-08-29 17.49.15 2015-08-29 17.49.13 2015-08-29 17.49.10 2015-08-29 17.49.09

28 August 2015

Sunshine on a rainy day in Sunderland

2015-08-30 14.46.12 2015-08-30 14.46.09

27 August 2015

Final meal before Tanguy and Constance go home after a month in Newcastle

2015-08-27 13.44.48 2015-08-27 13.44.47-1 2015-08-27 13.44.45 2015-08-27 13.44.30 2015-08-27 13.44.26

26 August 2015

Hard at work

Hard at work

25 August 2015

A day at the beach in sunny South Shields

24 August 2015

Interns meeting Councillor Faulkner

Interns meeting David

23 August 2015

Sunday lunch in the sunshine at the Sand Dancer

Beach 2Joanne    Beach


22 August 2015

Family fun at Horsley Hill Community Centre

And the winning name is Sherbet

21 August 2015

Egyptian alabaster – I love it


20 August 2015

Daniel James Longstaff can wrap the adults round his little finger at just 2 days old

19 August 2015

Some say Minchella’s ice cream is the best but Joe just gets on and eats it

MinchellasJoe ice cream

18 August 2015

Dodging the rain

17 August 2015

Newcastle Civic Centre in the sun – how did I break my sunglasses

16 August 2015

Nothing beats a good muffin when you feel like an energy boost

Muffin Muffin 2

15 August 2015

Heading home from NDMC Blackpool

14 August 2015

Getting down to work at NDMC in Blackpool

13 August 2015

UNISON National Disabled Members Committee (NDMC) in Blackpool on the night of Kind Deed #2

12 August 2015

Lunch with the wonderful Sue then after work drinks with colleagues

 11 August 2015

Completing challenge #41

10 August 2015

A relaxing afternoon’s colouring in but it is an adult colouring book so it’s therapy really

9 August 2015

Monster Munch stopping off at Weatherby on the way to Manchester for a holiday with Gran and Granddad

Weatherby Weatherby 2


8 August 2015

Interns from Nancy, France, Constance and Tanguy visit South Shields

7 August 2015

Sunny days in South Shields, they don’t happen often so best to make the most of them when they do come along

6 August 2015

Support for 365 photo challenge from my youngest son Joel Hamilton

Joe's support Joe

5 August 2015

First day of 5iftyby5ifty and 365 photo challenge – birthday cocktails and challenge #5

Children's Society shop The first books

First booksMambo cocktails

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