September 2015

30 September 2015

New shoe time – because you can never have too many pairs

2015-09-30 09.54.16 2015-09-30 09.54.05 2015-09-30 09.53.56

29 September 2015

Bear time

Time bear

28 September 2015

Miss-chief’s latest mini-chef creation – cheese burger and maids of honour

Mini chef burger Maids of honour recipie Maid of honour Burger recipie

27 September 2015

Going swimming with Monster Munch

Swimming with Nanna  Going swimming  Going swimming 1

Ready to go

Water boy Water boy 3 Water boy 2 Water boy 1

26 September 2015

Joe’s off to the University of Hull – Just how much does one student need at university?

You need what  Deodorant  Academic books

But the room’s ok and the view from the balcony lovely so if he just remembers to study it’ll all be ok

  Bedroom           View from the balcony

25 September 2015

Granddad’s folly – an 8ft dinosaur – guess that’s staying at Nanna’s house then

Granddad's folly Dinosaur Dino

24 September 2015

Presents for baby Daniel and cuddles for Claire

Rock and race Race and rock Pressies Gifts

Mother and son Mam and baby  Daniel asleep Daniel and Claire Claiire and Daniel Cheeky boy

23 September 2015

Redecorating but there’s more paint on Joe than on the walls

Painty Joe

22 September 2015

Rugby World Cup comes to Newcastle

RWC Newcastle Quayside Castle

21 September 2015

The results of Miss-chief’s mini-chef after school club — looks really yummy

Yummy Mini chef

20 September 2015

Welcome to the place where I live

2015-09-20 16.47.58 2015-09-20 16.47.56 2015-09-20 16.47.54

19 September 2015

Time to de-clutter.  I’m going to get rid of everything I don’t use or have too many of and hopefully raise a little bit of money for charity

De-clutter De-clutter 2 De-clutter 1

18 September 2015

Enjoying the last of the summer sun in South Shields

Time to play  Play time Home

17 September 2015

One of my favourite motto’s and starting to think about challenge #3 – Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the rain Dance in the rain

16 September 2015

Home alone – peace and quiet

Living room Home alone

20p flowers Flowers and photos

15 September 2015

New kitchen stuff in a pretty shade of blue – just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean you don’t ‘need’ it


14 September 2015

The redecorating isn’t going well – the decorator (my son Joe) only paints the bits he thinks I’ll see

2015-09-14 09.11.32 2015-09-14 09.11.24

13 September 2015

Great North Run and the Red Arrows – all at the end of my road

How many buses  Fajita  Crowds

Heart 1  Heart 2    Heart 3  Heart 5

Up and away Up and away 2     Up and away 3   Up and away 4

Dive Tail 1  Tail FormationCurve Splay   Fountain

Made it   Finish line

12 September

Beautiful flowers that only cost 20p but lasted over a week – what more could you ask for


11 September 2015

End of the second week back at school – now for the weekend

Week 2 over Susan and Sonny Schools out

10 September 2015

Sun still shining in South Shields – time for a late summer maybe?

Sun in September Beach in September

9 September 2015

Getting ready for university with a proper haircut for Joe from Peter at Peter Marsh Hairdressing

2015-09-09 11.25.49 2015-09-09 11.25.47

8 September 2015

Tynemouth isn’t quite as nice as South Shields but still pretty impressive


7 September 2015

Visit to Hull University to see the Halls of Residence – The Lawns is set in 40 acres of landscaped gardens – not the usual city centre tower blocks

2015-09-07 15.34.25 2015-09-07 15.34.23 2015-09-07 15.34.20 2015-09-07 15.34.18 2015-09-07 15.34.14 2015-09-07 15.26.46 2015-09-07 15.00.41 2015-09-07 15.00.32

6 September 2015

A view over the harbour – go to make the most of every sunny day

Out to sea Harbour

5 September 2015

Just another Saturday night out with the lovely Joanne Weightman

Time for home The Lounge Selfie Selfie time Selfie no 1 Selfie 2 Proseco and rhubarb gin Prosecco and Rhubarb and Ginger Gin One to many Mambos Joanne Home time Happy times Cheers

4 September 2015

End of the first week back at school and aren’t they pleased it’s the weekend

Sun in eyes New school for Sophie End of week 1 All ok

3 September 2015

Labour Leadership Debate at Gateshead and completing challenge # 15 – more information to follow

Labour leadership debate End of debate

Corbyn and Burnham All friends

2 September 2015

Who knew pouring rain and bright lights would make the UNISON office look so plush

2015-09-02 21.30.12 2015-09-02 21.30.09 2015-09-02 21.30.06

1 September 2015

Picture in my hotel room could have been done by my Grandchildren – made me feel right at home

2015-09-02 18.30.18

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