Reserve list?

I received so many ideas that some just didn’t make the list.  It was a difficult choice but my decision is final – well almost.  Some things that made the list may turn out to be impossible and if they do I’ll need something in reserve.   So which ideas made it onto the reserve list

Become Prime Minister: Seriously!! What was I thinking.  While the power might be great the responsibility and impossible decisions not to mention the scorn and hatred really would make this the job from hell.  So even though I’m sure I could do a better job than this one, the last one and probably the next one – whoever that may be – I wouldn’t want this job for any more than a day even if it was possible.

Climb Ayres Rock: While I’d love to see it I don’t think you’re allowed to climb it anymore and I couldn’t afford it anyway.  So maybe this should be on my wish list rather than my 5iftyby5ifty list.

Learn to say no: I’ve tried and failed so many times I’m fairly sure I couldn’t master this nigh on impossible skill in just a year so I’m afraid this doesn’t make it onto the reserve list.  But I will keep on trying and you never no one of these days I might just make it.

Take a flight on Concorde: Oh how I wish I could.  But maybe one of these days they’ll build another plane like Concorde and then I’ll be first in the queue.

Take a Bean Bath: I love a bath.  A long bath, a quick bath, a bubble bath, occasionally I’ve even made do with a cold bath.  But a Bean Bath.  I don’t think so.  I could do it for charity but the beans would probably cost more than I raised.  I’d be better off given them the beans to a food bank.  But you never know if the worst comes to the worst and I’m short of something to do I might have to re-think this one.  So I guess it makes it onto the Reserve List

Change the World (because I know I can’t fix it):  You might be wondering why this isn’t on the list when I always wanted to fix the world.  Surely it should be right at the top of the list.  Well no it doesn’t even make it onto the reserve list and that’s because changing the world isn’t just one thing.  About half the things on my list will help change the world.  Anything that makes a difference or improves something, even if it’s for just one person, it changes the world.  So no this isn’t on my list but hopefully just by doing what I’m doing I’ll manage to make the World a better place for someone.

Wear flat shoes for a day: I have around 100 pairs of shoes.  Black shoes, white shoes, blue shoes, red shoes, pink shoes, purple shoes, pick a colour and I’ve got them (except green which I really don’t like).  I’ve go stilettos, kitten heals, court shoes, wedge shoes, sandals and boots.  But I don’t do flat shoes.  I can’t walk in flat shoes.  I don’t like flat shoes.  So why would I want to spend a whole day in flat shoes.  I don’t, I can’t, I won’t but if all else fails then while praying it never happens I’ll put this on the Reserve List

Sky Diving: I’d love to.  I can just imagine flying through the air in my high heels.  But ‘they won’t let me.’  And by they I mean my doctor, the sky diving companies, the insurers and all the other spoil sports out there who think having Multiple Sclerosis should mean not having fun.  So because I can’t put other people’s businesses at risk this is ruled out but if anyone else wants to do it and raise money for the charity I’m supporting that would be great

Spend a night in a tree house

Eat an entire cake

Do a sponsored silence

Help someone in need

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