Hola a nadie por Español

Or in other words Anyone for Spanish?

Like a lot of people I’ve never felt the need to learn another language because wherever I go everyone speaks English.  But when I met an 8 year old from what a Country that is called ‘Third World’ who speaks 3 languages fairly fluently I felt a bit uneducated.  So Challenge 7 is to’Learn another language’

I did French and German at school and I’m quite fluent in counting and swearing but that’s about it.  Not a lot of use really and believe it or not part of my job is International Relations.  So now it’s time to stop being so lazy and to try again but this time I’m going to try Spanish.  Not because I think Spanish will be easy but because I think it will be the most useful (except for possibly Chinese but I think that is way beyond my capabilities).  So I wondered if anyone would like to join me.

The Workers Education Association (WEA) offer a Spanish for Beginners course starting in September for £55.  I’m fairly sure I won’t be fluent at the end of the 11 week course but I would like to be able to say more than “Él es un gran idiota” because that really isn’t going to get me very far.  And in case you’re wondering it means ‘he is a big idiot’ and it was the only thing I learned from a Spanish exchange student who came to stay with me for a week as part of my son’s Spanish GCSE.

So if you’d like to come and watch me make a bit of a fool of myself then comment on this page or drop me an email and we can go along together.  

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