Blue is the colour – Day 8

I’m working from home today so felt something more casual was in order to #wearblueforcharlie.  So I went for an old, comfortable outfit with some nice blue flowers.


Very creased, I know, but I really hate ironing and as I’m not going anywhere I don’t suppose it matters.  I’ve also not put any make up (sorry to scare you) but I like to give my face a bit of a break.  But it’s not how I look that’s important it’s raising vital funds for the Charlie Cookson Foundation that matters.

Want to joint in.  Wear Blue for Charlie today and donate £1 at www.justgiving.com/5iftyby5ifty to raise vital funds for @CharlieCookson1. Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook or Twitter

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Blue is the colour – Day 7

When I said I was going to #wearblueforcharlie every day in April and that it would be something different every day I also said I wouldn’t be buying lots of new clothes and would try to make do with what I already had.

Well I’ve broken that rule already but I think I had a good reason.  Tonight I’m going out with friends and colleagues after work although it’s not dressy I wanted to wear something that could go from one to the other.  I’ve got plenty of things in my wardrobe but when I spotted this on sale in my local supermarket I couldn’t resist.


And as it was only £7.50 and it was in my size I felt that it was meant to be so I bought it and I’m very pleased I did.  After all you can’t ignore fate can you?

If you want to raise support the Charlie Cookson Foundation and raise vital funds for @CharlieCookson1 donate £1 at www.justgiving.com/5iftyby5ifty and share your photos on Facebook or Twitter 

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Winners lose – Week 7

After last week’s nightmare, due to ill health, I wasn’t sure what to expect at my weekly weigh-in.  I’d lost 3 pound last week but as I barely ate for 3 days I’m fairly sure that some of it was water and I was sure I’d put it all back on.

After all not only have I been eating again but I’ve had a night out with the wonderful Joanne and Christina.

Girls night

Which not only involved the obligatory cocktails


But also some amazing Asian Tapas

 And the result is…………………

12st 11 wk2

No change this week

I’ve stayed the same.  Not lost anything but not gained.  And that in itself has caused me a problem.  I’ve agreed to donate £1 to the Charlie Cookson Foundation for every pound I lose and £2 for every pound I gain but hadn’t even thought about what I would do if I stayed the same.

£ for pound – no one loses………..

So this is what I’ve decided.  I haven’t lost and the charity can’t either.  If I’d lost a pound I’d have donated £1 and if I’d gained a pound I’d have donated £2.  So as I’ve stayed the same I’ve decided to add the two amounts together and donate £3 because…………………………

Even if no one loses someone can still win

If you’re impressed with my success, or lack of it this week, you can add to my £’s for pounds at www.justgiving.com/5iftyby5ifty

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