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Winners lose – Week 12

After all the cake baking (and tasting) yesterday for Wear Blue for Charlie Day

Over 150 different cakes

Over 150 different cakes

and eating KFC on Saturday I knew it was going to be bad when I stepped on the scales this morning.  The questions was just how bad?

And the result is………..

12st 71b wk 2 2

I’ve gained 1 pound.  I guess it could have been a lot worse. And it does mean another £2 for the Charlie Cookson Foundation. And the moral of this is…………

Just because you make it doesn’t mean you have to eat it

If you’d like to commiserate with me on my weight gain or encourage me to get back on track then please add to my £’s for pounds at


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Cakes, cakes and more cakes

After baking all day I’ve finally finished making cakes for the Wear Blue for Charlie Day cake sale at work tomorrow. And I think I may have gone slightly overboard.

The only one of these I didn’t make myself is the large one with the photo of Charlie and the Charlie Cookson Foundation logo. And although I’m absolutely exhausted I’m quite pleased with the results.   I’m particularly proud of the mini pineapple upside down cakes which I’ve never tried to do before.

Over 150 different cakes

Over 150 different cakes – hopefully something for everyone

So if I don’t lose any weight when I get weighed in the morning it’ll be down to the amount of cake mix and decorations I’ve tasted today – well I couldn’t sell something without trying it first could I?

Want support @CharlieCookson1 then why not

Wear something blue and donate through Justgiving by texting FIFB50 £1 to 70070   

or raise even more by

holding a Wear Blue for Charlie Day in your workplace

And don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook or Twitter and to donate at

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Winners lose – Week 11

It’s been a strange week diet wise.  I’ve been pretty good most of the week but have had two nights out which can always have a pretty negative impact on my weight.

Thursday was tapas.  And what can I say.  I love tapas.  I especially love chorizo.  All I can say is the diet went completely out of the window.

Then Friday was a retirement do for a brilliant UNISON activist, Merv Butler.  Not too bad on the food front but I did drink pretty much a whole bottle of Prosecco.  And that can’t be good for the diet.

I wasn’t confident. But only the scales have the answer.

And the result is…..

12st 6lb

Amazingly I’ve lost another pound so that’s another £1 for the Charlie Cookson Foundation.  And if I can lose another pound next week that will be 1 and 1/2 stone.  So this week I’m going to be extra good.

And my tip this week is……………

Being good will balance out the odd bad day.

If you’re impressed with my success you can add to my £’s for pounds at

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