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Winners lose – Week 10

After sleeping in for work – I forgot to reset my alarm after two weeks on leave – and having a slight wardrobe malfunction (find out more here) I almost forgot it was weigh-in day.

When I finally remembered to jump on the scales it was without any trepidation, hope or expectation.  I just need to know how much I weighed.

And the result is………

Another 3lb lost and another £3 for charity

Another 3lb lost and another £3 for charity

Another 3 pound lost. That’s a total of 19lb in just 10 weeks and more than I could have hoped for after last weeks weight gain.  Only 9 pound to go to reach my target of 2 stone by my birthday, which isn’t until August.  And of course another £3 for the Charlie Cookson Foundation.

So while I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to dieting I must be doing something right so I’m just going to keep on going.

If you’re impressed with my success you can add to my £’s for pounds at


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Winners lose – Week 9

Broken Phone + Broken Car = Broken Diet

It’s not been a good week. I’ve broken my phone, broken my car and broken my diet. After last weeks amazing weight loss I was on a high, on a role and going to be a great week – or so I thought.

I knew I was taking my Grandchildren out on Good Friday so I was extra good from Monday to Thursday.  So when we set off to Alnwick Castle and Gardens I knew I could have a little treat.  It was a lovely day.  The sun was shining and we had great fun in the gardens, taking part in the Easter Bunny hunt and completing the Fairytale Trail to rescue Beauty before heading off to the Treehouse for lunch.


And that’s where it all started to go downhill.  I ordered a sausage sandwich as I knew I could have a treat.  Only then I spotted the homemade leek and potato soup so ordered that as well.  And you have to have a drink to wash it all down.  And they had my favourite Fentimans’ Ginger BeerI just couldn’t resist.

Tree House

Tree House

I knew I was on the limit of my calorie allowance so decided not to have dessert or eat any chocolate so it would be ok.  Then on the way to the castle disaster struck.  I dropped my phone.  I’ve dropped it before and it’s been fine so I just picked it up.  It was only a bit later when I went to take a photo that I saw the damage. My phone is broken!

My poor broken phone

My poor broken phone

Now I know I can get it fixed but at the time I just felt miserable. So when the kids got an ice-cream I had one too.  I say one.  What I mean is two very large scoops of farm made ice-cream – that’s the kind made with lots of double cream.  Well I had to cheer myself up somehow.

With Friday written off as a disaster I woke up on Saturday determined to be good.  And I was.  But Easter Sunday was another story.  I invited the family round for lunch (sausage and mash – so not ideal diet food) and set up an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. But I’d bought low fat sausages for me and wouldn’t be having any Easter eggs so it would be ok.

I went to collect my Daughter-in-law and Grandchildren and as I parked the car the button for the handbrake fell off.  It’s not a normal handbrake.  It’s one of those new ones where you just pull the button up and the brake comes on, then goes off automatically when you start to drive.  I swear I didn’t do anything wrong.  I just flicked it up and it actually came off in my hand.

I tried to put it back on – nothing.  My Daughter-in-law, my Nephew and my Son all tried – nothing. The car still works.  The brake goes on automatically when I turn the engine off.  But it’s not really safe to drive very far and will have to go in to be fixed. My car is broken!!

I was supposed to be starting Challenge #32 on Monday by going on a road trip that would include Challenges #9 (Northern Lights),  #20 (ferry across the Mersey) and #27 (Fairy Pools of Skye).  All of which had to be cancelled.  To say I was disappointed was the understatement of the year.

And what does a chocoholic do on Easter Sunday when they’re fed up?  They eat Easter eggs.  Several off them.  And if it’s me you also eat proper sausages and some Easter cake.

Delicious chick cake

Delicious chick cake

My diet is well and truly broken!!!  So when I got on the scales yesterday I wasn’t expecting good news.

And the result is……………..

2lb on and £4 for charity

I gained 2lb but that’s £4 for charity

I’ve gained 2lb and the Charlie Cookson Foundation have gained £4.  It could have been worse I suppose.  And I should have done was got straight back on my diet.  But I didn’t.  I couldn’t bring myself to.  So yesterday I ate more chocolate and salted peanuts and plenty of other fattening things.  But today I’m over it.

I’m eating healthy and I’m going to fix my phone, fix my car and fix my diet.

If you’d like to commiserate with me on my weight gain or encourage me to get back on track then please add to my £’s for pounds at

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Winners lose – Week 8

The difference between a boy and a man


On Thursday my youngest son was due home from University.  As I haven’t seen him since just after Christmas I was sure he would notice how much weight I had lost – after all it’s over a stone.  So I headed off to pick him up from the train station hopeful that he would say something.  I really should have known better.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I didn’t expect it to be the first thing he said.  But by the time we were halfway home I’d heard about everything he wanted to tell me from Uni, we talked about family and friends and how everyone is and we’d even managed to discuss the EU referendum in quite a lot of detail.  So when he started to move on to talking about football (he’s a Manchester United fan while I support Sunderland) I decided I’d had enough and had to say something.  It went a bit like this.

Me: Do you think I look any different

Joe: Uh.  What.  No. Why.  Are you still not well?

Me: No Joe, I’m fine.  Do you not think I’ve lost weight

Joe:  Dunno really.  I haven’t seen you since Christmas so can’t really tell.

Silence followed for a few minutes with me wondering why I bother if even my own son hasn’t noticed any difference.  Then Joe broke the silence by saying ‘Are we going to the shops before we go home?” 

So off we went to the supermarket with me still wondering if all the calorie counting and lack of chocolate was really worth the effort.  As we wondered round I was contemplating buying things I haven’t eaten in weeks.  Chicken and chorizo paella? Steak and kidney pie? Chocolate trifle?  All really tempting.

I was just about to give in when I spotted my Nephew wandering towards us.  And the conversation we had restored all my faith and gave me just the boost I needed.  You see it went something like this:

Me: You ok?

David: Not bad.  You’ve lost loads of weight.  You look great.

Me: Thank you.  Over a stone.  Joe didn’t even notice.

David (while looking at Joe): You’ve got to be joking

Joe: Uh, whatever (before returning his focus to his phone)

So as I went to get weighed this morning I thought about those two conversations.  Conversations that really showed the difference between a boy (who’s only interested in himself) and a man (who notices what’s happening around him) and hoped David’s encouragement had managed to pay off.

And the result is………..

Another 3 pound lost

Another 3 pound lost

Another 3 pound lost. That’s a total of 18lb in just 8 weeks.  More than I could ever have hoped for.  And only 10 pound to go to reach my target of 2 stone by my birthday, which isn’t until August.  And of course another £3 for the Charlie Cookson Foundation

And while I don’t really want to frighten anyone – I thought it was time to share a picture of my happy face after I got off the scales.  So here goes.  No make-up and hair tied back but definitely happy……………

Happy face

And my tip of the week is……………………..

Just because someone close to you doesn’t notice what you’ve achieved it doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t impressed

If you’re impressed with my success you can add to my £’s for pounds at

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